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Society (First Entrie)

Society thinks too much of America's youth. I think Ben Loden has good reason to Fire trUCK up America. But see the dumb ass went about it the wrong way. People in the World Trade Center aren't the people he is after. He is after the people that spread rumors and hate other people and just plain don't give a fuck. People like me. Ben loden is after people that hate him for the things he has done. Unbeliveably Ben loden and every intelegent youth in america have some great likeness. The pregidice of America's society. Tho I hate Ben loden and probubly every other youth does as well, we are alike. Society has major problems as does Ben loden and every youth. What does Society want of us? Us being America's future, we should have more rights and more privelages. Just the other night i was out at about 4:00 A.M. and a police car pulls up next to my friends and myself and gave us a warning for being out late. Young men and women have no rights. We are owned by our parents untill we become 18 and then we are owned my the Government.

I feel trapped...
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Roght on, I completly agree
So you say "Ben Loden" is after folk who spread rumors and don't give a fuck... people like you, you say. Then, why do you even mention it? If you don't give a fuck then why do you speculate what Society wants of you, and why the cops hassle you for being out late, and proclaiming that "young men and women have no rights"? I don't think that you really don't give a fuck. I think that you do but, you feel disempowered. You have a voice here (and anywhere) to express your concerns, worries, and fears. You don't seem entirely aimless but, do not be scared to embrace the power and responsibility available to you. Rights are not granted, they are earned--even if you believe that those who grant them shouldn't have any say about your life to begin with. The more rights you have yourself the more you may grant them to others. Don't dispair and don't get lost in the rhetoric of others nor your own.
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